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Odyssey into oddity...

...desperately seeking ecstasy...

Claire Abbott
14 November 1990
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abarat, academia, ace lightning, acting, adam/lawrence, aeryn sun, alien ressurection, aliens, alternate realities, arnold rimmer, art, aziraphale/crowley, baltar/six, battlestar galactica, benjamin linus, bernard/manny, bialar crais, billy joel, black books, books, braca, carl jung, carnivale, chocolate, computers, darla, darla/drusilla, david lister, death note, dexter, dexter/brian, discworld, doctor who, dresden dolls, drusilla, england/america, existence, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, fiction, fictional characters, firefly, fringe, futurama, gaius baltar, garbage, genitorturers, good omens, greek mythology, h.r. giger, harry potter, harvey, hellsing, hetalia, history, horror, house on haunted hill, humour, hurley, icons, imagination, immortality, insane clown posse, internet, invader zim, jack off jill, jack/elizabeth, janeway/chakotay, john crichton, john locke, john/amanda, justin/iris, king kong, kong/ann, lady illusion, lister/rimmer, locke/ben, lost, love, magic, marilyn manson, mary crawford/chet wakeman, michael/maria, music, musicals, nicholas/danny, nine inch nails, number six, oliver twist, pansexuality, paranormal, phantom of the opera, philosophy, physics, pilot, pirates of the caribbean, profound questions, psychology, rain, rasputin, rasputina, reading, red dwarf, rincewind, ripley, river tam/simon tam, rocky horror picture show, saw, science, science fiction, scorpius/braca, seras victoria, sex, sexual ambiguity, shipping, sigmund freud, space, star trek, summer of the aliens, sun-hwa kwon, surreal art, taken, television, terry pratchett, the dominion, the meaning of life, thinking, tolerance, toy story trilogy, transhumanism, voltaire, vorta, walter bishop, weyoun, writing, zim/dib


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