More Wacky Adventures Embarked Upon Whilst Not Watching LOST Part 1

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about life over the last year or so, is that free time is all relative. No matter how much of you have, you still seem to get the same amount of important shit done, and even if the vast majority of your time is disposable, you always feel like you’ve poorly lacking in the time it takes to achieve anything. Or maybe that just applies to me. Yeah, it’s probably just me. That would explain why I’m currently posting a journal entry about stuff that happened over a year ago. Anyway, this particularly entry concerns the holidays that saw the transition from 2010 to 2011 (or two thirds of them at least), and the numerous rather novel experiences I had during that period. Would I say it was an interesting time? Well, it certainly wasn’t interesting in the sense that I would have liked, which would have involved sentient robots, sensual aliens and my own godlike powers, but it does involve some misadventures that someone describing the daily routines of your average, western, university aged geek probably wouldn’t have mentioned, making those experiences stand out a little amongst the hazy mass of memories that occupy my brain and compose my life. Anyway, stuff that happened as my holidays approached...

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Right now I'm imaging all the high school and university students who left their essays to the last moment navigating to Wikipedia only to find it in the middle of a blackout. Lol.
Weyoun babeh

Further pony enabling

Bronies Perth are on Equestria Daily again. Plus we've got over 100 members and our own forum in the works now, and to be honest all signs point to further escalation. I guess when the Ponypocalypse does come Perth will finally be a notable hub of activity; eldritch, dimension breaching, sanity destroying activity at that. 

Well, at least today wasn't a *complete* waste

LOST marathon got postponed so I spent all day playing the original Myst instead. The two certainly share a fair few similarities, what with the mysterious island setting, reality warping, time travel (er...I think) and themes of patricide. Also, as LOST may very well prove to do, Myst made me rage like hell at the end when I absentmindedly clicked something that got me the crap ending, without having saved the game at any prior point. But then I realised that Myst isn't structured in such a manner that forces you to go through each stage of the game to reach the ending, so I managed to restart the game from the beginning and use the info I had written down in order to get to the good ending within two minutes, thus my rage was somewhat quelled by self-satisfaction. Still, I probably should have been spending this time doing that important assignment, but oh well.
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